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Choose Falcon Fire & Security for premier home security in Bray, where your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities. Protecting your home and loved ones is paramount, and we offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge security solutions tailored to your needs. From state-of-the-art intruder alarms to advanced CCTV surveillance and convenient entryphone systems, we’ve got you covered.

Our Home Security Services:

Intruder Alarms:

  • Our intruder alarms utilise the latest technology to detect any unauthorised entry into your home promptly.
  • We provide customisable systems designed to suit your property’s layout and your specific security requirements.
  • Can fully integrate with your CCTV and other security systems
  • 24/7 monitoring ensures immediate response in case of an intrusion, providing you with peace of mind even when you’re away.


CCTV Surveillance:

  • Keep a vigilant eye on your property with our high definition CCTV cameras.
  • Remote access allows you to view live or playback footage from anywhere using your smartphone or computer.
  • Deter intruders using strobe lights or voice alarms; and gather crucial evidence in the event of a security breach.


Entryphone / Intercom Systems:

  • Control access to your home with ease using our advanced entryphone/intercom systems.
  • Screen visitors before granting entry, enhancing your security and privacy.
  • Enjoy the convenience of remotely unlocking your gate or door for trusted guests or deliveries.

Why Choose Falcon Fire & Security for Home Security Bray

  1. Expertise: With over 25 years of experience in the security industry, our team possesses the knowledge and skills to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.
  2. Reliability: we partner with leading manufacturers to provide you with reliable security products that deliver unmatched performance and durability.
  3. Customisation: Every home is unique and we understand the importance of personalised home security systems. We work closely with you to design a solution that fits your lifestyle and budget.
  4. 24/7 Support: Our commitment to your safety extends beyond installation. Our maintenance agreement offers full access around-the-clock to address any concerns or issue you may have.

CCTV Systems
Intruder Alarm Systems

What Our Clients Say 

“Excellent service carried out by a great team who knew what they were doing!! You’d be hard pressed to find better!!” ~ David Miller


Protect What Matters Most


Your home is your sanctuary and safeguarding it should never be taken lightly. Invest in the best-in-class security solutions from Falcon Fire & Security, trusted experts in Home Security Bray, and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today on 01628 945 970 to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards fortifying your home against potential threats.  Don’t wait until it’s too late – secure your home with Falcon Fire & Security today!

Why our customers love us

Pernille Hughes
Pernille Hughes
Polite and Professional service. On time and tidy.
David Miller
David Miller
Excellent service carried out by a great team who knew what they were doing!! You'd be hard pressed to find better!!
Simon D
Simon D
I have always found Falcon to be easy to deal with, fair on price and very responsive. Very happy with their service.
Douglas Fraser
Douglas Fraser
I called our Falcon to deal with a fault in a system that they had supplied some years ago. As always, the engineer was courteous, constructive and helpful in ensuring that I had access to the latest software.
Andy Mayes
Andy Mayes
Excellent service and professional engineers. Office phone answered promptly and very happy to discuss amend quotes. Would definitely recommend.
David McGill
David McGill
Paul, the engineer that did the service was very efficient and polite - could not be bettered.
Paul Newland
Paul Newland
Very professional and helpful local security company. They've done the install and maintenance of our security system for many years and I've always found them professional, easy to deal with and very helpful. I've had occasion to call them during and after hours to report an issue with our system and I've always been able to get through to someone on call who can talk me through a reset or likewise got in touch with the office for instructions. So it's saved me a lot of money not having to get a technician out when they can talk me through an issue. As a retained client I also get a saving on planned and unplanned maintenance. So overall very pleased with the services they offer and will stay with them for any future upgrades
Dorian Leroy
Dorian Leroy
Annual alarm maintenance carried out promptly and efficiently. Jordan also advised me to upload the latest ControlPlus 2 app on my phone and talked me through the process. Happy with the courteous service as always.

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