Your CCTV cameras need regular servicing to be sure they will record top quality images when needed. Who hasn’t seen the dirty old camera cases with spiders webs covering the lens? We believe that prevention is better than the cure. We also understand that you take your security seriously. All our installations come with a 12 month warranty. As an SSAIB accredited CCTV systems maintainer and installer you can trust us to keep your cameras working at their peak. Beyond that we offer fire & security takeover and service packages to ensure that even legacy CCTV system are working as they should be.

The Benefits of Falcon Fire and Security business CCTV Maintenance

We don’t just offer your standard support program. We are dedicated to providing our customers with next level service that ensures you experience real peace of mind. From our base in High Wycombe, Bucks, we keep thousands of local CCTV systems operating as they should be.

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What happens during your business CCTV maintenance appointment

  • We clean all camera lenses.
  • Our engineers check the playback on all cameras; we are checking their effectiveness day and night.
  • We test all power supplies, monitors and back up equipment to ensure longevity and reliability.
  • Your remote connection and your smart device APPs are verified to make sure you can access your system where and whenever you need to.
  • Hard drive and record duration are verified

We also offer a remote system health monitoring service. For a small additional fee your system is continously checked to ensure that the CCTV system is fully functional; that no cameras are obscured - images are bench marked against a day / night image; all hard drives are working and recordings are accessible. This guarantees any problems can be identified and fixed immediately.

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